Decision criteria for prom dresses

If you want to buy a prom dress, so there is a lot that should be considered. The more open you are, the more likely you are to find something. If you already have clear ideas about your dream dress, it will make the search easier in the beginning, but there are some critical criteria that make it difficult for you to find the prom dress.


First of all we want to present a small selection of popular evening dresses, so that you can form a small opinion in advance. These are both cocktail dresses and long dresses. Both the dresses in the collage above, as well as the following illustrated evening dresses are available online.

With the choice of the length of the dress one decides how much leg is shown on the prom . The legs are next to the neckline and back responsible for the sexiness of the dress, which does not mean that a floor-length dress can not be sexy. Too short, however, the dress can be too sexy and even too provocative.

Significant for the cut of the dress is of course the length. However, the cut also includes various other properties. This not only includes the way the dress is held / fastened to the woman’s body, but also which body parts are more or less covered with it. Also, the way the skirt harmonized with the rest of the piece is a special cutting feature.


If you have found a clothes model that pleases a bit, then the search for the right size starts. For a dress to be suitable, women first have to exercise their patience. So the perfect size has a good fit. The dress is in fact at all points where it should rest. The question is whether the dress should be body-contoured and emphasize breasts or buttocks. Instead of exposing the problem areas of the female body, they should be well concealed with the right ideal case. All women, regardless of size 32, 36, 40, 44 or 46, are familiar with these problems. However, regardless of size, every woman has the right to look beautiful and feel sexy, elegant and just comfortable.

The colour of the dress is sometimes a prominent feature for the outside observer. It is the first adjective with which a dress is described. This shows that the colour choice should be carefully considered and the future wearer should identify with it. So the colour of the ball gown of her wearer should like, at the same time stand her and look favorably at her. Ideally, the dress harmonizes with the eye colour, the complexion of the skin and the hair colour (and later with the makeup). Without looking at a person and telling you which colour suits her is one thing that is not so easy. However, fashion experts say that lighter, lighter colours are more suitable for the lighter skin type. These include pastel colours, which give the person a fresh shine and make them look feminine at the same time.

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