Oona Chanel: “Fashion is fantasy, not reality”

The Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week attracted a lot of fashion enthusiasts from all over the world to Berlin. Even Oona Chanel, grandniece of the legendary Coco Chanel, did not miss the fashion spectacle.


In addition to the collections shown, the native Finn was also enthusiastic about the casual looks of the guests . Typical for the Berlin style? In any case, leave the house without socks! “Everyone is here without stockings,” notes Oona. And otherwise? “The style in Berlin is unusual and yet relaxed . Of course, all looks are well thought out and yet they look as if you’ve just gotten out of bed. Everyone has their own individual style. I like the creative energy in the city. ”

Your own style? Oona loves fantasy in fashion . “The clothes and the people who wear them are real, but Photoshop and make-up make us someone we really are not,” the model says and continues, “It’s a wonderful thing to get dressed and easy to enjoy the clothes. It is not even about the brand, but rather the confidence to wear it – your own style .

But back to the Berlin Fashion Week: Apart from the fashion, the pretty blonde was interested in Berlin fashion salon also for the latest hair trends of the next summer season. During the Fashion Week the team of “Wella Professionals ” provided the right styling on their heads with the new styling series “Eimi”. Oona is thrilled with the professional product line : “For my styling we used all the products in the series and my hair just feels great, so nice and soft!”