Which hat is yours? The style guide for every face shape

The phrase “unfortunately I do not have a face” is heard very often in winter – mostly from shivering women with bright red ears, who opt for aesthetic reasons against the warming headgear.

women's hat

One distinguishes between four different face shapes. There are the oval, the angular, the heart-shaped and the round shape. Fits to it, there are different beanie models that flatter you. Guaranteed to find your new winter trend accessory !

Your face shape : Your face has a uniform round shape. Especially the game on the cheekbones is wider than on the other face shapes. You should hide that.

Your hat: It is best for you caps that have a lot of volume on the top of the head and so visually extend your face. It works best with loose beanies.

No-Go: Watch out for hats that show your forehead – this emphasizes round face shapes even more!

Your face shape : You have a broad forehead, prominent cheekbones and a tapered chin area.

Your hat: The ideal hat should balance your face more. Trapper caps, so aviator hats or thick fur hats with eye-catching earflaps, cover the forehead and trick your chin a little wider.

No-Go: Stay away from too narrow and tight variations. They do not hide your broad forehead, but emphasize it.