It is important to let your mother looks amazing

Marriage is a great opportunity that not only honeymooners love to humour, but even parents and parents also love the environment. It is indeed a joyous occasion for brides and grooms that they get a chance to fulfill their childhood dream of people dreaming marriage. And by the way it is noisy, brides do not neglect any effort to make memorable, they want to dress up elegant wedding dresses, so that the whole meeting in the shower praises on them. For the bride, nothing can beat the importance of this great occasion and that’s exactly why they want to wear designer wedding dresses for the day.


Another important person in the wedding ceremony, who needs no introduction is the mother of the bride dresses. Mother is very close to her daughter, as she is the one who grooms her to be a good person. When the big occasions, she also deserves a beautiful mother of the wedding dresses if the dress is stylish, great equipment to complete her daughter. You can choose wedding dresses depending on its taste, size and shape of the body. If she is a plus size woman, her dress should be adjusted so that it fits into her body. I adjusted the dress gives the appearance that everyone desires. No other person who also deserves a good outfit is the guardian of the bride. You can buy designer bridesmaid dresses if you have the money to spare.


And you will get a lot of websites that sell these brilliant bridesmaid dresses. You can also type bridesmaid dresses in a popular search engine and you will find as many dresses on websites. End of the sales season is the right time to buy if you want short wedding mother dress affordable. If you sign up for reliable online clothing and accessories, you can find many unique designs that can stun you. There are thousands of designs at the shop and even cut and sewing tips. You can follow these tips to just get a unique dress, you may have thought beyond that. When you have finished dresses to celebrate the big wedding, you can start looking for a well chosen accessories like veil, gloves, scarves and tiara. You can buy beautiful dresses at affordable prices in online stores preparing for great occasions.

Oona Chanel: “Fashion is fantasy, not reality”

The Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week attracted a lot of fashion enthusiasts from all over the world to Berlin. Even Oona Chanel, grandniece of the legendary Coco Chanel, did not miss the fashion spectacle.


In addition to the collections shown, the native Finn was also enthusiastic about the casual looks of the guests . Typical for the Berlin style? In any case, leave the house without socks! “Everyone is here without stockings,” notes Oona. And otherwise? “The style in Berlin is unusual and yet relaxed . Of course, all looks are well thought out and yet they look as if you’ve just gotten out of bed. Everyone has their own individual style. I like the creative energy in the city. ”

Your own style? Oona loves fantasy in fashion . “The clothes and the people who wear them are real, but Photoshop and make-up make us someone we really are not,” the model says and continues, “It’s a wonderful thing to get dressed and easy to enjoy the clothes. It is not even about the brand, but rather the confidence to wear it – your own style .

But back to the Berlin Fashion Week: Apart from the fashion, the pretty blonde was interested in Berlin fashion salon also for the latest hair trends of the next summer season. During the Fashion Week the team of “Wella Professionals ” provided the right styling on their heads with the new styling series “Eimi”. Oona is thrilled with the professional product line : “For my styling we used all the products in the series and my hair just feels great, so nice and soft!”

Which hat is yours? The style guide for every face shape

The phrase “unfortunately I do not have a face” is heard very often in winter – mostly from shivering women with bright red ears, who opt for aesthetic reasons against the warming headgear.

women's hat

One distinguishes between four different face shapes. There are the oval, the angular, the heart-shaped and the round shape. Fits to it, there are different beanie models that flatter you. Guaranteed to find your new winter trend accessory !

Your face shape : Your face has a uniform round shape. Especially the game on the cheekbones is wider than on the other face shapes. You should hide that.

Your hat: It is best for you caps that have a lot of volume on the top of the head and so visually extend your face. It works best with loose beanies.

No-Go: Watch out for hats that show your forehead – this emphasizes round face shapes even more!

Your face shape : You have a broad forehead, prominent cheekbones and a tapered chin area.

Your hat: The ideal hat should balance your face more. Trapper caps, so aviator hats or thick fur hats with eye-catching earflaps, cover the forehead and trick your chin a little wider.

No-Go: Stay away from too narrow and tight variations. They do not hide your broad forehead, but emphasize it.